Retorts, Equipment and Accessories

Dixie Canner Company has manufactured cans seamers and retorts since 1895. We started fabricating Dixie RDSW-3SS Retorts since the infancy of the community canning programs developed in conjunction with the University of Georgia in the early 1920’s. Dixie Canner Retorts are used to thermally process, under pressure, sterilization, food and beverages products for shelf stability. The Dixie RDSW-3SS Retort is a vertical, still retort. We sell the RDSW-3SS Retort in a Manual Operation Package #3 and a Package #5 Auto Retort Control System.

The Dixie RDSW-3SS Retort is versatile allowing for multiple cook modes allowing for retorting of all can sizes and lid types, Glass Jars, Retort-able Pouches and Retort-able Trays. The RDSW-3 SS Retort offers an economical thermal processing solution for R&D and Pilot Plants, Specialty Products Companies, Cold Brew Coffee and Sports/Nutritional Drink Manufactures, as well as testing of package integrity for all types of packaging.

Please contact Dixie Canner for details on our Retorts and thermal processing solutions.


  • RDSW-3SS Retort with Regular Equipment
  • Automatic Retort Control System Package 5 for Laboratory and Pilot Plant Applications
  • Accessories for RDSW-3SS Retort Manual Operation
  • Regular Equipment for Dixie RDSW-3SS Retort
  • Lift Hoist and Accessories
  • Steam Boiler Capacity Requirements