Dixie RDSW-3SS Retort with Regular Equipment

In-container sterilization, heat processing for food and pharmaceutical industries.

A.S.M.E Registered for 60 psi Working Pressure


Retorts for sterilization, processing and pressure cooking have large wing bolts and forged steel clamps. The cover is convex, hinged and balanced to help in circulation and drainage. It is machine-grooved for neoprene gasket to assure easy operation and long gasket life.

Three angled iron legs and 14 ready-arranged connections make Dixie Retorts sturdy, and easily installed. T–304 stainless steel resists rust and encourages sanitation. Steam distribution crosses below the crate and cooling water inlets 4″ below the overflow outlets are bonus features that characterize Dixie’s RDSW-3SS Retorts for R&D and for specialty canning operations.

A.S.M.E.-registered for 60 psi working pressure.

NEW – DIXIE RDSW-3SS RETORT in Type 304 Stainless Steel with stainless steel RD-3-CSS Crate – Request Price

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  • M-152-2F Digital Retort Thermometer, -75 to 750ºF/-60 to 400°C
  • VR-8-1A Pressure Relief Valve, 1-1/2″, set 52 lbs.
  • M-55-A Pressure Gauge Assembly with 3-1/2″ face gauge, 0-60 lbs., with 1/4″ Air Cock, Straight Syphon and Street Ell
  • RD-PX Perforated Steam Distribution Cross
  • M-76 Pet Cocks, 1/4″ (2)
  • RD-3-A Neoprene Gasket, 5/8″ x 1/4″ x 7′
  • A.S.M.E. Code Stamp and Registration Certificate for 60 psi working pressure
  • Instructions and Parts List

RDSW-3/RDSW-3SS Retort Data

Inside Diameter of Retort 24″ 60.96 cm
Height of Retort, cover closed 51″ 129.54 cm
Height of Retort, cover open 75″ 190.50 cm
Retorts center to back wall, allow 72″ 182.88 cm
Retorts center to back wall, allow 42″ 106.68 cm
Retorts center to side wall, allow 24″ 60.96 cm
Retorts center to center, space 48″ 121.92 cm
Ceiling Height, minimum 12' 365.76 cm
Pressure Relief Valve (1) 1-1/2″ 3.81 cm
Overflow and drain outlets, Thermocouple Stuffing Box (3) 1″ 2.54 cm
Steam inlets, Thermometer and Recorder Connections (5) 3/4″ 1.905 cm
Pressure Gauge Assembly, Bleeder Cock and Connections for Cooling Water Inlets in Cover and 4″ below overflow outlet (5) 1/4″ 0.636 cm

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Dixie Canner provides can seamers, retorts, food processing and specialty canning equipment to the food & beverage, industrial, pharmaceutical, ingredients and gourmet & specialty products industries.