Food Processing Equipment

Dixie Canner Company has manufactured Can Seamers, Retorts and Food Processing Equipment since 1895. We have been fabricating Dixie Line Exhausters, Lye Peeler-Scalders, Steam Blancher-Coolers, Tables and Sinks since the infancy of the community canning programs developed in conjunction with the University of Georgia in the early 1920’s. Dixie Canner Food Processing Equipment/Machinery is primarily used in Community Canneries, Commercial Kitchens, Pilot Plants/R&D centers as well as Specialty Packaging operations around the world.

Dixie Canner Company manufactures all Food Processing equipment out of Stainless Steel. Our economical, low-volume food processing equipment is ideal for educational/vocational centers as well as mobile canning operations. Dixie Food Processing Equipment along with Dixie RDSW-3SS Retorts and our Dixie Double Can Seamers are manufactured in Athens, GA, USA.

Dixie Canner Company began working with the University of Georgia Agriculture Extension Service in the early 1930’s to develop a Community Canning Program. The idea was simple, provide local food processing centers accessible to the general public to preserve fruits, meats and vegetables. At the height of this program in the mid-1940’s there were over 6500 community canneries throughout the United States. Countless other community canneries were supplied with Dixie Canner equipment throughout North America and Europe during WW II. As grocery stores, refrigerated transportation and food technologies developed the popularity of home gardening and canning waned. There are community canneries still operating today. We have 17 centers throughout the state of Georgia. North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia have active canneries. Many organizations operate community canneries/commercial kitchens and mobile canneries throughout the United States and Canada.

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