Food Processing Equipment

Dixie Canner Company has manufactured Can Seamers, Retorts and Food Processing Equipment since 1895. We have been fabricating Dixie Line Exhausters, Lye Peeler-Scalders, Steam Blancher-Coolers, Tables and Sinks since the infancy of the community canning programs developed in conjunction with the University of Georgia in the early 1920’s. Dixie Canner Food Processing Equipment/Machinery is primarily used in Community Canneries, Commercial Kitchens, Pilot Plants/R&D centers as well as Specialty Packaging operations around the world.

Dixie Canner Company manufactures all Food Processing equipment out of Stainless Steel. Our economical, low-volume food processing equipment is ideal for educational/vocational centers as well as mobile canning operations. Dixie Food Processing Equipment along with Dixie RDSW-3SS Retorts and our Dixie Double Can Seamers are manufactured in Athens, GA, USA.

Please contact Dixie Canner for details on our Food Processing solutions.

Canning Equipment