Lye Peeler-Scalder

This piece of equipment is most useful for lye-peeling peaches, pears, potatoes, etc.; scalding tomatoes; water blanching of products and washing products.

Its swing basket in the heated compartment is 18″ x 24″. This compartment is equipped with a steam heating coil and quick-opening drain. The rinse compartment is 18″ x 18″ and is equipped with a rinse basket as shown. This is a good heavy piece of equipment: 1/2 bu. capacity. If more capacity is needed, use two units side-by-side. All-steel construction resists damage from lye solution.

M-4 Lye Peeler-Scalder Complete – Request Price

EXPORT BOXING – Request Price

Shipping Wt. 170 lbs., Export 285 lbs., 13 cu. ft.

M-4-A Extra Rinse Basket – Request Price

Shipping Wt. 25 lbs., Export 50 lbs., 3 cu. ft.

Instruction Manual: M-4 Lye Peeler-Scalder (pdf format)

Lye Peeler scalder

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