Dixie Can Seamer

Dixie’s History

In 1895, George Raney had a vision. Preserving foods, just like on farms and in home kitchens, but on a larger scale. And instead of airtight jars, the food would be stored in tin cans.

The business started in Chapel Hill, N.C. By 1936, Dixie Canner moved to Athens, Ga., where the University of Georgia’s Agriculture Extension Service was developing a Community Canning program to preserve surplus vegetables, fruits and meats. The process would bring a wider variety of foods to people across the Southern U.S. Dixie Canner provided the equipment used in this ground-breaking program, which revolutionized food storage.

Other companies have emerged as the years have passed that were bigger, faster and hyper-productive. However, the market for low-volume canning and packaging equipment for companies with smaller production volumes thrives. Today, Dixie Canner provides equipment for R&D and educational projects, specialty canning and packaging operations, all over the world. We can customize for any need you may have.