About Dixie Canner Co. -Commercial & Industrial Canning Equipment Manufacturer

Beverage Packaging Equipment

Dixie Canner, founded in 1895, has made the technology of canning and packaging accessible to the public. Dixie Canner makes maximum performance packaging and processing equipment for a variety of industries that use metal, plastic or composite with metal enclosures, or cans.

As the can packaging industry has expanded, many equipment suppliers introduced high-capacity and high-speed industrial canning lines. Our equipment is used in production facilities that can’t accommodate higher-speed packaging lines, or for which the cost of such equipment is not economically feasible.

Our equipment is for more than just canning. It is often used to manufacture products that require double-seam technology, such as oil filters, electrical capacitors and riot grenades. In addition, our equipment also manufactures specialized packaging and is used in product development.

It is the perfect solution for packaging of products that simply don’t fit the economic parameters required for industrial-scale canning facilities. Dixie Canner’s equipment is operated in laboratories, pilot plants and production facilities, serving industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, and petro and chemicals all over the world.