Thank You Essential Workers

Parrish Stapleton |

Dixie Can Seamer

Dixie Canner would like to thank all essential workers for the sacrifices they have been made by during these trying times. We applaud the spirit and determination of those that have continued to keep the world ‘s food, medical and essential supplies available. The supply chains are improving as more and more people and business return to work. This is all because of you!

Dixie Canner has been hard at work as well. We have been in overdrive supplying customers with the best can seamers and can processing equipment available. We are also very proud to be launching a new on-line store. You will be able to purchase tools, lubrication and can seam measuring devices, as well as, Crowler™ pallets, Crowler™ Kits, or a Model 25D-900 equipped to close either the 32 oz. or 25.4 oz. Crowler™ can. All can be easily done from laptop, smartphone or tablet. We look forward to launching this convenient e-commerce option, as we continue to improve our customer service experience for our valued clients. We will launch our new E-Commerce shopping experience very shortly. Dixie will continue to add relevant products and services to the on-line store, creating a convenient 24/7 shopping experience.

We will be at PackExpo 2020 November 8-11 in Chicago, IL. We have a few surprises in store for our customers. We will be exhibiting our Model UVGD-AL-HMI with a new Positive Pressure feature! We are extremely excited to show off this new feature that has been requested from many of our customers.