Our can seamers are UL and CE approved!

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Our can seamers are UL and CE approved

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Info about our motors:

.75( 3/4) HP AC Gearmotor, 110/115V, 60/50Hz, 10A, 1PH – Manufactured by BisonGear & Engineering Corp. and Made in the USA.

We have two versions of motor with same specs above but with different gear ratios. Our typical use motor has a 5:1 ratio and produces 122 lbs Torque. Our Heavy Duty use motor has a 7.5:1 and produces 184 lbs Torque.

CE - means that the product meets the European Union's safety standards and other requirements for sale.

UL Recognized - Underwriters Laboratory. It is the leading independent organization responsible for setting safety standards and testing for a wide range of industries and appliances. If an appliance or device has a UL listing, it means it has been tested to UL standards as they apply to a particular industry or application and it has passed. "Recognition" is for a component within a system, with the mark below shown again with the "C" and "US" adders. It is argued that power supplies are components - they have no inherent user function, are usually embedded inside other equipment and always need an associated product to perform an end-task. Most power supplies, from on-board dc-dc converters to multi-kilowatt ac-dc power supplies, are classified as "UL Recognized" components. Power supplies achieve UL recognition by evaluation against particular applicable standards

Our machines include these important marks that verifying that we meet standards for both US and Canada with UL and Europe with the EU. Our seamers have met these requirements for years but only recently have we incorporated their marks on our machinery.