Crowlers and Football

Parrish Stapleton |

Here at Dixie Canner, we're excited about the most wonderful time of the year - football season! With our headquarters in a college town, we love to cheer on the school football team every fall. But our favorite part happens before and after the game. We're talking about the tailgate!

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Who doesn't love catching up with friends with a cold one in hand? In the South, we're not alone. Down here, football fans take tailgating to another level. From state-of-the-art RVs outfitted in team colors, to generations gathered for feasts fit for a king, pre-game festivities at schools around the south is something to both witness and behold.

Now, there's a new addition to the tailgating scene - the desire for local craft beer. Discerning consumers want to bring their favorite craft brew to the party and the Crowler™, sealed by our Model 25D-900 Direct Drive Double Seamer, fits the bill. You can find our Crowlers™ from coast to coast, with distribution points in Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA, and for good reason.

Why the Crowler™?

  • At 32oz, it's the perfect size for all your on-the-go adventures.
  • It won't break like glass Growlers, making it both easier and safer to transport.
  • The Crowler™ is a one and done, recyclable product, eliminating the need to return the vessel for sterilization.
  • The compact size takes up less storage space at the brewing facility - allowing room for more beer!
  • The unique packaging and seaming process doesn't sacrifice the quality or taste of what's inside.

Industrial Canning Equipment

Overall, the Crowler™ is saving breweries and their customers both time and money, which translates to more focus on the celebration. So whether you're at a tailgate, on a hike, or enjoying an outdoor fire, we think our Crowler™ cans should be right there with you this fall.

Don’t forget The 3 Pack Carrying Handles!!!