15 Canned Foods You Should Be Cooking In The Air Fryer

Parrish Stapleton |

Dixie Can Seamer

Link: https://www.tastingtable.com/1370043/canned-foods-cook-in-air-fryer/

Dixie Canner's Takeaways:

Dixie Canner Company has been manufacturing can packaging and processing machinery since 1895, long before commercial canning began. Before refrigeration, grocery stores, and the proliferation of food additives in our food supply, people grew and hunted for their daily survival. Back in 1895, canning was the only available means of producing a shelf-stable, source of perishable food. Believe it or not, today is no different. Yes, fruits and vegetables are more widely available year-round at your local grocery store, shipped from around the world, and with the flavor and consistency of Styrofoam.... I digress. Still today, as it was back in 1895, canning is the best, most nutritious way to preserve fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish, without chemicals that I can't pronounce! The following article provides some great preparation ideas for your pantry staples.