New Seafood Cannery with Dixie Canning Equipment

Parrish Stapleton |

Dixie Can Seamer


Dixie Canner's Takeaways:

We have worked with Robert Chandler from Island Creek Oyster for the past 3+ years. Island Creek had the vision to produce exceptional quality seafood in cans. Robert sourced cans from Europe, and our Dixie Model 25D-700 can seamers to hermetically seal cans before they are thermally processed for shelf stability in our Dixie Dual RDSW-3SS Retort and Auto Control System. It has been a long journey, but Robert and the rest of the team were able to successfully navigate the challenges of Covid, worldwide sourcing of cans and process machinery, as well as navigating the Government Grant process for funding, and finding a suitable location for the canning facility. Finally, we will begin the start-up and commissioning of the Dixie Dual Retort System at the beginning of August. After a couple of days of tuning, scaling and the system, Island Creek will begin it brand new canning operation. We could not be more excited for both Island Creek and another successful installation of Dixie Canner Machinery.