Steam Blancher-Cooler

It Steams, Blanches and Cools.


This equipment saves time, space and money.  It gives the food more natural color, more delicious flavor and more vitamins.

The Dixie Steam Blancher-Cooler with the ALL-NEW WATER SEAL is needed wherever foods are prepared for canning, freezing or serving in quantity.

Product is spread evenly without bruising or crushing in the smooth flat bed perforated trays for uniform steam blanching. The filled trays are placed in the blanching compartment and pass to the cooling compartment automatically when the next tray is inserted. This continuous performance guarantees unusually large production.

All stainless steel construction resists rust and promotes sanitation. Shipped complete with 4 trays and 2 quick-opening valves as illustrated – ready to connect to steam and water lines.

Order several extra trays for increased production and handling ease.

M-6 Dixie Steam Blancher-Cooler, — stainless steel construction – Request Price
Complete with 4 stainless steel trays, 2 quick opening valves
and ready arranged steam and water lines with cooling water spray nozzle.

EXPORT BOXING – Request Price

Shipping Wt. 300 lbs., Export 400 lbs., 77 cu.ft.

M-6-A Extra Trays — powder-coated (subject to stock) – Request Price
Perforated Bottoms. 24″ x 24″ x 3″ deep.

M-6-B Extra Trays — stainless steel – Request Price
Perforated Bottoms. 24″ x 24″ x 3″ deep.

Shipping Wt. 20 lbs., Export 30 lbs., 1 cu.ft.

Instruction Manual: M-6 Steam Blancher-Cooler (pdf format)