Dixie Canner offers an assortment of modern Food Preparation Tables designed to enable you to adapt to any desired function. They are designed to be used individually or in multiples, to make up any type of line. Tables are Type 304 Stainless Steel. Sink Racks and Sinks may be purchased separately and installed later, if desired.  This allows you to change your plant arrangement as your needs require. Style “A” Tables are made with edge “turned down” top and are perfectly level for all general purposes. Style “B” Tables are made with edges “turned up” on all four sides, with large drain in center of one end. This type is especially adaptable for poultry dressing, sausage stuffing, dishwashing, vegetable washing, meat cutting, oyster shucking, crabmeat picking and other uses. Stationary tables have adjustable bullet feet for comfortable working heights of 34” to 35”.  If optional casters are required, add 4” to height.

MT-1 STYLE “A” – Request Price
Stainless Steel, 33″ x 69″

MT-2 STYLE “B” – Request Price
Stainless Steel, 33″ x 69″

EXPORT BOXING (33″ x 69″) – Request Price
Shipping Wt. 260 lbs., 55 cu. ft.

MT-5 STYLE “A” – Request Price
Stainless Steel, 33″ x 117″

MT-6 STYLE “B” – Request Price
Stainless Steel, 33″ x 117″

EXPORT BOXING (33″ x 117″) – Request Price
Shipping Wt. 380 lbs., 90 cu. ft.



This shows MT-1 STYLE “A” Table with MS-2 sink mounted on MT-1-D Sink Rack.

MT-1-D Sink Rack – Request Price

Shipping Wt. 10 lbs.









A beautiful stainless steel top mounted on a heavy frame. Has four swivel casters. A table for the finer foods establishments.

MT-9 -Table Truck – Request Price
33″ x 33″ x 34″ high table with casters.

Shipping Wt. 100 lbs., 27 cu. ft.