Crowlers™ are a fantastic packaging option for your brewery

You put your time, energy, and passion into brewing the finest craft beers.


With our 32oz Crowlers™, your patrons can enjoy your brews whenever and wherever they want, with nothing to diminish their satisfaction. Nothing to alter the unique flavors, nothing to wash or return, nothing to worry about. Just clean, fresh-from-the-tap taste the way it’s meant to be.




See what our clients are saying about our Crowlers!

Our customers are really gravitating to it. Everyone who sees them has to have one.” – Neil Burton, Founder, Strangeways Brewing

The finished package is a gorgeous, 32-ounce, 100 percent recyclable can that protects our product from harmful light, won’t shatter if dropped, and is crushable and easy to pack out.” – Win Mitchell, Owner/Operator, Boothbay Craft Brewery

We made the right choice with our machine. Dixie fit our needs and budget, and they were very easy to work with.” – James Grant, Owner, The Blue Elephant Craft Brew House

Our engineers said it was the best seam produced on any of our Crowlers™.” – Russell B.


Crowlers™ provide an exceptional beer experience for your customers.


Dependable: Properly seamed Crowlers™ keep out taste-destroying light and oxygen, and the water-based polymer interior coating means no metal tang to disturb the unique flavors of your brew.

Portable: Welcome where glass containers are not, aluminum Crowlers™ are lightweight, shatterproof, and pack easily in coolers. They’re perfect for camping, fishing, concerts, tailgates, and other outdoor activities.

Sustainable: Crowlers™ are made from a majority of recycled material and are fully recyclable themselves. Just toss empty Crowlers™ into the recycling bin, no deposit or sterilization required.

Crowlers™ are a fantastic packaging option for your brewery:


  • Affordable: Crowlers™ are an inexpensive alternative to glass Growlers. Meant to be used once and then recycled, Crowlers™ eliminate the need for sterilizing returned glass containers. Crowlers™ save you money and time.
  • Efficient: Crowlers™ require less storage space in your facility. You can order them by the pallet (2,400 cans and lids). Pallet size 44” x 56” x 83.”
  • Unique: Crowler™ cans offer a bold packaging option that grabs consumers’ attention while providing them with value and convenience.
  • Versatile: Crowlers™ provide an easy and affordable way to package a new brand of brew. Cans are available in plain “Silver Bullet” style ready for your label. 


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