Dixie Double Seamers


Dixie Double Seamers hermetically seam lightweight metal tops onto round, rigid containers of various sizes, types, and styles.  Tops or ends may be steel, tin, or aluminum.  Container bodies may be metal, plastic, or composite.

All Dixie Double Seamers feature seam rolls which interlock with the chuck to ensure proper alignment.  The chuck ( and container ) turn only during the actual seaming process, so spills are eliminated.  Floor model seamers include an air lift system to simplify operation.

Dixie Double Seamers are priced with customized change parts for closing one size container.  To close additional container sizes, within the range of the seamer, requires optional change parts.  Numerous types, styles, and sizes of containers and ends are available on the market today.  To ensure an acceptable seam on your Dixie Seamer, we require samples of your container(s) and end(s) for fabrication of change parts and factory calibrations.  Before shipping, your Dixie Seamer is tested using your container.  Seams are inspected to ensure acceptable dimensions and pressure tested to ensure a hermetic seal.  If your container supplier has recommended chuck dimensions, seam roll profiles, or seam dimensions, please provide this information with the samples of your container(s) and end(s) when you place your order.

Dixie’s Direct Drive Models are Top-of-the-Line.  They’re tough, fast, and precise.  Tough enough to can heavy welding rods … precise enough to extract oxygen from dense powders and to produce hermetic seams.  They are made of rust-resisting materials which may be wiped clean and sanitized.  Our Direct Drive Seamers may be customized for containers as large as 6 5/8″ diameter or smaller than 2″.

All Dixie Double Seamer models double seam containers under ambient atmospheric conditions.  Vacuum, gas flush, multiflush, and timed delays are control functions of Dixie Seamers with a vacuum chamber.  A vacuum seamer may be desirable to expel oxygen from the contents of the container to prolong the shelf life of your product.  If your container will not withstand vacuum, the controls of the seamer may be set for a gas flush.  On seamers with the multiflush option, multiple vacuum then gas flushes may be performed to obtain low oxygen content or to remove atmospheric impurities.  Each set value, cycle, or delay is performed when the chamber door is closed, before the container and top are joined and double seamed.

To change from one container size to another and set controls for another operating function can take seconds or only a couple minutes on all Dixie Double Seamer models.  Production depends on the dexterity of the operator and may exceed the rated capacity of the machine.

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